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Jeff Smith has really proven to be one the best people to handle business with

Jeff Smith has really proven to be one the best people to handle business with, especially with how challenging life has been for us to get our lives back on track and establish a new home. 

The rebuilding process, after losing our home to the Holiday Farm Fire in Vida, was an obstacle that we just simply did not want to deal with considering how confused we were after such a massive tragedy. Where do we start? How long will it take? How much will it cost? What kind of house and most importantly, who is the right person to build this house? 

Recommended suggestions were to interview at least 5 different contractors/builders for answers, however, I only did one and it was easier than I thought. Luckily, fate was on my side when I met Jeff's wife at her place of work and she handed me his business card. Best decision ever.

Firstly, I was blown away at how communicative Jeff had been throughout the entire process, and continues to be very informative, tying up loose ends here and there. 

Challenges throughout the rebuilding were prominent, considering pandemic and economic woes, however, Jeff handled this quite well, as the communication flowed, he had everything in line and there were no setbacks in the logistics of getting this house put together. It was amazing and honestly, shocking. If anything, only a couple appliances were late (due to supply chain problems) but quickly rectified with alternatives. 

Secondly, I had no previous experience with building/designing a home. I wanted to make it easy for us all and rebuild a cottage style home very similar to the old one but a little more unique and representative to the local environment of McKenzie River. Jeff did an amazing job pushing that forward and the results have friends, family, neighbors, and strangers, turning their heads! The home is beautiful and quite popular here at Bear Creek! Jeff most definitely can help with sizing, planning and even color schemes that work very effectively! Don't hesitate asking questions, he will answer them promptly and with detail. 

Thirdly, one must break any general lackluster assumptions of contractors (I'm including myself here!). Jeff is easy to work with, very friendly, detail oriented, manages his time effectively and was on top of everything to make sure this house was done and what it entailed to make us happy. Jeff's crew was also very clean and organized. 

Finally, Jeff is a contractor you want because he came out of this a shining star. He took this challenge head on and respectively, I'm absolutely grateful he did because the magnitude of the loss was dire. The destruction left behind by a fire isn't an easy task to clean up and get started (considering many others are trying to achieve results at the same time on highway 126). Therefore, I could imagine Jeff has expanded his horizons on learning new things, especially from a different angle on building beautiful homes from ash and rubble, making people happy and whole again. 

Thank you for your hard work!